With the further development of Internet technology and the rise of a new generation of mobile Internet, the traditional Web interface design and implementation techniques have can not fit the current demand for network applications, and web standardization is a trend of a new generation of web design and development ,the use of standardized design patterns with better security, scalability, and ease to use.

HTML5 is an important part of Web development standards and technology giant leap in the past 10 years. This article focuses on new features for the HTML5described, research, and the typical case to show good technical study and application value.

In the text, we have the structure of the Web layer (HTML), presentation layer (CSS),behavior Layer (Javascript) three-tier separation of thinking to do a detailed study reveals the benefits of a three-tier separation of thinking, three-tier separation of describing Web method, and the Web all levels of the three-tier structure, the details of theoretical methods conducted in-depth research, including the separation thinking of CSS, Javascript, CSS Sprite technology, Javascript libraries and development;

Second,with HTML5, Javascript,and CSS3 technology application, I will to achieve  a Web cloud desktop operating system,just like Windows, The different is use a browser to show what HTML5 typical technology

seamless integration with the desktop ,including the Canvas hotspot maptechnology,  Geolocation  methods, Forms API, HTML5 audio and video,besides describe the realization of the advanced form and system monitoring

Make an analysis of HTML5 for search engine optimization (SEO) the impact and research how to do a better search engine optimization use HTML5site .

Ultimately, we developed an easy-use and the powerful HTML5 exhibition on the achievements of the teaching system platform, and the further development of new technology assessment and future prospects.

Key Words:HTML5;Web Desktop;Javascript;CSS;Web three-layer separation